Usps tracking not updating december 2016

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When the tracking system does not get an update from the carrier by a certain time, "Delivery status not updated" is used instead.

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It is a small town and I easily connected to the postmaster.

I think in the years I have been on Amazon I have only had less than a hand full of people say they didn't get their packages. Since you sent it with a signature confirmation I would request a refund since they didn't provide the service to you. On Amazon, it is so hard to earn a feedback, while negative feedback can come much easier, so I just try to make sure the buyers won't get upset, especially when it is time to see the sale volume bumped up.

Since I only have two packages with problem, I can easily figure out which postal office to call, but when there are a lot, it would be a pain.

We're still acquiring historical data so we do not have 7 Day or 30 Day uptimes listed yet, and we are not yet sending alerts for them via Twitter or Email. We recently passed 1 full year of monitoring here at Shipping API Monitor so we wanted to take a look back at the prior 12 months of data and see what the year looked like.

How many outages, longest outage, which API had the best uptime, and other stats.

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