Updating operating system software

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To view the catalog of an alternate boot environment (ABE), you must first activate the ABE from the UI, and then wait for the job to finish.

The software updates the current catalog and contains the ABE catalog information and OS software components.

You can manage your operating systems by installing an Agent Controller on the OS or by using SSH to perform tasks.

You must have an agent managed operating system to use the OS Update features, including the system catalogs, OS update jobs, and reports.

You can identify the current catalog by the time stamp.A snapshot is stored as a catalog with the time stamp and job details after every update job that you run on a system.You can create a new catalog at any time and use it to record the state of a system.Table 13-1 lists the tasks that are discussed in this section and the role required to complete the task.An administrator with the appropriate role can restrict privileges to specific targets or groups of targets.

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