Radiometric dating idiots

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Once you enter the pit you cannot see the floor below, and all that can be seen in front of you is a black void — an inviting entrance to the abyss, ” recalls Franco.The team of explorers touched bottom at 197 feet [57 meters], where they made their incredible discovery.The melting of the ice caps caused a dramatic rise in global sea levels, which flooded low lying coastal landscapes and cave systems.Many of the subterranean spaces that once provided people and animals with water and shelter became inundated and lost until the advent of cave diving.“After taking a moment to chat and laugh about what a great dive we were having, we dropped down to continue the work.

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“After about 1,500 feet [450 meters] we began to see the light of another entrance, so we headed towards it and surfaced.

“We tried to slow down our heart rates as we were not really sure of what to do next.” Photo by Daniel Riordan-Araujo Hoyo Negro was reached by the PET team after the divers travelled more than 4,000 feet [1,200 meters] through underwater passages using underwater propulsion vehicles, or scooters, which enabled them to cover long distances in the flooded cave system.

Once they reached the pit, they began to survey and document its dimensions.

Pilar is the founder of underwater archaeology in Latin America and has been instrumental in protecting Mexico’s submerged cultural heritage.

“This discovery is extremely important and confirms the cultural diversity and richness that can be found in the Yucatan Peninsula,” said Pilar Luna.

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