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And Vagrant,the 70's and 80's were great years for Puma. I also have a White Hunter that belonged to a college friend,( now deceased), in the mid to late 1960's.

1769 - Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung registers his PUMA® trademark with the Knifemaker’s Guild in Solingen and starts PUMA® in a small shop on the Wupper river.1855 – Nathaniel, Johann’s great grandson, moves PUMA® to Solingen.1876 Nathaniel’s son Otto Lauterjung (1855-1931) introduces pocket knives, stilettos, sabers, and hunting knives.1900 – PUMA®-WERK Lauterjung und Sohn” is written down on the Solingen register of companies.1920 – Otto’s sons Eugen (1883-1969) and Franz (18888-1976) build a second plant in Solingen and develop the export market. 1936-1945 – PUMA® production is put under the authority of the War Production board1945 – Return to civilian production of pocket and household knives1953 – Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf (1915-1986), the husband of Renate Lauterjung, increases the company’s focus on hunting , fishing, and outdoor knives.

1957 – Kurt Gutmann of Gutmann Cutlery Company in New York becomes the U. distributor.1964 – Military Series introduced.1965 – PUMA® incorporates date codes on its knives that indicate when each knife was made.

For PUMA Knife Company USA use this link: PUMA Knives Germany, use this link: PUMA

In some cases, the code was stamped into the handle of the knife on wood handled models.

On folding knives with blade locks, the Control Number was stamped on the Spring where you depress to close the blade.

The smaller folder without locks, the number was stamped on the inside of the brass liner.

On the Waidmesser knife you can find it stamped on the brass where the corkscrew is. The Scout Models is an example of no Control Number.

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