Peer guardian error updating

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It is unclear at this point in time if this is due to technical difficulties or because the project has been canceled.

We have uploaded the latest working version of Peer Guardian 2, Peer Guardian 2.0 RC1 Test 2, to our servers.

Why would you need another program to block IP addresses if you already have a firewall? Peer Guardian uses a database of bad IP addresses and blocks them automatically as soon as the IP is added to the database of the globally maintained blocklist.

If you were to use a firewall for that, you not only would have to become aware of new IP addresses to block, but also add them to the firewall.

However, earlier operating systems such as Windows ME and 98 only block TCP.

Peer Guardian 2 is extremely safe to use and, for the most part, does not require lots of memory or processing power to run.

In addition to blocking IP addresses, Peer Guardian also blocks adware, spyware, and government and educational IPs.

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Update: The Peer Guardian website is currently returning a 404 not found error.

The most important category for most users will be p2p of course and an installed Peer Guardian client makes sure that your client will not connect to the fake torrent clients and IPs (if they are in the range that is blocked).

You do not need to configure your file sharing application to work with Peer Guardian, everything is done automatically.

Once installed, Peer Guardian updates all IP lists and requests that the user’s personal preferences are set up.

Some of the preferences available for the user are: Once all lists have been selected, downloaded, and updated, set Peer Guardian to launch either at startup or at the user’s request.

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