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But amazingly, all these designs -- from the simplest homemade box camera to the newest digital camera -- combine the same basic elements: a lens system to create the real image, a light-sensitive sensor to record the real image, and a mechanical system to control how the real image is exposed to the sensor.And when you get down to it, that's all there is to photography!Since the hole is so small, you need a fairly long exposure time to let enough light in.

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While this may be excellent advice it fails to take into consideration the reality of the conditions under which most of us are trying to get our footage.

If you moved the flashlight, the light dot would also move -- light beams from the flashlight move through the hole in a straight line.

In a larger visual scene, every particular visible point acts like this flashlight.

The simplest sort of homemade camera doesn't use a lens to create a real image -- it gathers light with a tiny hole.

These pinhole cameras are easy to make and a lot of fun to use -- the only hard part is that you have to develop the film yourself.

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