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According to a 2012 American Association of University Women report, 20 percent of women compared with 15 percent of men pay more than 15 percent of their take-home salaries for educational debt.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that women still earn less than men though financial demands, including debt, are equivalent.

I didn’t really care about the bracket, but I was curious about this website. I’m sure it’s all legal and everything, but, uh…gross. Anyway, this is how they determined their ranking of “hottest co-eds.” Whats Your pulled data from accounts that registered with a “.edu” email, and using its unique date-offer system, the site ranked universities based on the actual prices men are willing to pay for a first date with a female student.

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The eight-episode series takes an introspective look at seven self-centered, narcissistic ‘mean girls,’ who have been nominated by family members, boyfriends and friends in the hopes that they will […] Read more posts in: Dr.Instead of working 25 hours for 0, students earn the same amount in one to two dates,” said CEO and founder Brandon Wade in a press statement.“If you’re broke and single, why not kill two birds with one stone by dating-for-dollars?Since its founding in 2011, the world's only “dating-auction” website has caused quite a bit of controversy with some media outlets questioning the difference between a dating-auction site and an escort service.Recently, however, the website has noticed a more positive trend in dating for money: of the 5,942 students who joined in August, 93 percent attributed their membership to funding books for the upcoming semester.“Utilizing first-date auctions are much more efficient than a summer job.

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